some background on myself.


sum it up?


semi-starving artist located in rochester.ny


usually the artist of the group, I've been somehow involved in the creative world for most of my days

some highlights from the past include leaving NY in 2009 to serve 4 years in the Navy, which gave me the opportunity to travel to a plethora of countries opening my eyes to new cultures and fresh perspectives, seriously changed my life 


this led me to shackin' it up on the west coast for close to a decade, mainly in LA, while obtaining a BFA in Digital Media, focusing on design, photography + brand storytelling over digital platforms - spent a bit longer out there working & then made my way back to upstate NY


design is my jam + photography is my passion


design project?  photoshoot? just looking to collab?

shoot me an email or message me on the insta  


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